Kevin McCloud  
Rosalie has an innate and buoyant talent for colour, form, detail, texture and quality.
She’s a natural who brings a whole sackful of qualities – not least joy, zeal and diligence to any project she undertakes.

Her boundless enthusiasm and energy in pursuit of good, ergonomic and vibrant design has already changed the face of retail in Britain. She understands that good shop graphics and retail layout design are almost inseparable from the parallel disciplines of product design and marketing.

What others have to say about Rosalie Fiennes:
Keren House, Creative Director, Aricot Vert, London
Karl Kalcher, Founder and MD of Mindfolio

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Rosalie Fiennes Architectural Interior Design, Burcott Manor Near Wells Somerset BA5 1NH
email Rosalie or telephone 01749 672234 or mobile 07974 351373